Of Humboldt County


When I first started taking tango, after a few weeks I said, “I’m starting to get the hang of this.” Then I kept practicing. A year later, I said to myself, “I thought a year ago I was starting to get the hang of this, but now I realize I’m really starting to get the hang of it.” I kept practicing, another year went by, and again I thought to myself, “Last year I thought I was really getting the hang of this…but now I think I’m really… Tango is a journey that never stops. The more I learn about tango, the more I discover that their is for me to learn. I am looking forward to a lifetime of discovery in this wonderful art form.

Karl Prebor - Eureka, CA

Lee and Barbara are amazing teachers with not only AMAZING moves and talent but with a great amount knowledge and passion for this dance! They are extremely patient and thorough and there is NEVER EVER a dull moment in class. Tango only becomes more fascinating the more we learn and practice it. Tango is not only a beautiful dance, it is a philosphy and an attitude. Thanks Lee and Barbara for all your help and devotion to us students and we can't wait to see you at our next class

Susanah Barr - Arcata, CA

I was introduced to Argentine tango at a free, one-hour tango lesson. Despite such limited instruction, I was able to dance for 3 hours at a Halloween Milonga, where the participants accepted my simple abilities, never refused a request to dance, and provided great encouragement to continue. I had never danced before, except in high school, where I found I had two left feet and poor musical coordination, which lead to a fear of embarrassment. Barbara and Lee have created an extraordinary, supportive learning environment where students can practice with partners of every aptitude. After five months of classes, I am preparing to present my new found knowledge at a student showcase performance. Due to their expert instruction, I feel excited and confident in my skills, attend as many dances as possible, and am preparing for a trip to Buenos Aires. I think a big part of their success lies in the teaching environment they created, which requires patience, acceptance, and social interaction. I recommend Tango Del Sol to all those people, like myself, who always wanted to dance but were afraid it would take too long, or be too difficult, to try.

Walter Dragaloski - Arcata, CA

After years of social dancing, my husband and I stepped into a molinete and back-ochoed into the world of tango. We haven't looked back. We continually ask ourselves, "Why does this dance keep luring us forward?" Maybe it's the dichotomy between strength and relaxation, passion and meditation, leading and following, fast or slow, movement or pause, painting the music. Perhaps it's the complexity at any level of dancing with the anticipation of learning more. Likely, it's the community of fellow tango students who folded us into a world of elegance and the shared struggle of learning to be elegant. We love the grace and beauty of tango.

Wendy Turk - Arcata, CA

Tango has revitalized me. Challenged me, mind and body. Sharpened my memory, toned my body, added happiness and fun to my life. It can be a meditation, promoting joy, a sense of confidence and a great social interaction. I was having a bit of trouble walking up stairs and since Tango classes, I now am able to do so easily. I love dance and due to body limitations, thought I wouldn't be able to find a style I could work with. Tango proved to be that form and has improved my movement in my daily life. My teachers create a fun, encouraging atmosphere, with a style of teaching that learning the beautiful movements become clear, logical, enjoyable, and attainable. Can't imagine that everyone wouldn't want to experience this.

Kristine Chadwick - Carlotta, CA

For years Iíve wanted to learn tango. Like a mystical experience just out of reach, it beckoned through music and occasional glimpses of couples embracing and moving in a breathtaking elegance. Finally I got up the courage to join a group class. Since then, Iíve participated in many group classes (provided by the excellent teachers we are fortunate to have in our rural area), gone to workshops, taken private lessons. Unlike so many enticing activities, tango has proven to be more than what it promised. Iím addicted to the dance and the purpose and beauty it has created in my life. When I walk down the street, Iím moving with tango in my blood. I molinete around my shopping cart. I practice steps as I wait for the light to change. As humans we can create beauty with the shapes we make as we dance--and theyíre always changing. There is no end to the complexity of this danceóthe lessons in movement, balance, focus, and how your own body relates to your partnerís in a graceful, wordless, passionate conversation. Oh, I forgot to mention that itís a lot of fun.

Catherine Valentine, Bayside, CA

I wanted to thank you for being so supportive regarding learning Tango. Your encouragement, communication and humor helps me get over the fear of being in class. I am glad to be one of your students. I am "talking you up".

Bob Lawton, Eureka, CA